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Thames Valley pensions conference

Blake Lapthorn were pleased to hold its first ever Thames Valley pensions conference on Wednesday 21 March 2012 at its Oxford office. The theme for this conference was pensions - keeping control in challenging times.


The conference, which featured speakers from both Blake Lapthorn and Lane Clark & Peacock, looked at the challenges facing employers, trustees and employees as the pensions landscape continues to shift.

To view the slides from the conference please see below.  You will be able to download the slides by clicking the link available.

For those with defined benefit schemes, we looked at how to really understand what your liabilities are and how these can or might be better managed. We also took time to look at the thorny issue of GMP equalisation, following the Government's announcement on 20 January that schemes are under legal obligation to do this and suggesting one way in which it might be achieved.

For those with defined contributions we looked at adequacy, as well as the potential impact of NEST and auto enrolment.

And for both defined benefit and defined contribution schemes, we looked at some of the options available for making the assets work harder through being smarter.

All of this was considered and debated against the backdrop of continuing changes to the demographic and legal framework, with the scrapping of the default retirement age, the challenges of an ageing workforce and the consequent effect on, and options for, benefits and flexible retirement.


9.00 am Registration/coffee
9.30 am Introduction/background/scene setting - Adrian Lamb, Blake Lapthorn
9.45 am What really worries me is... a conversation between a new trustee and the trustee chairman
10.00 am Will I ever know what our liabilities really are - Part I? - Nicola Walker, Blake Lapthorn
10.25 am Equalisation and discrimination - GMPs - the facts and the fiction, age and sex discrimination, etc. - Adrian Lamb, Blake Lapthorn
10.50 am De risking - what we could do tomorrow? What can we do today - Richard Murphy, Lane Clark & Peacock
11.10 am Coffee
11.30 am Making your assets work smarter - Kevin Frisby, Lane Clark & Peacock
12.00 pm Auto enrolment and DC adequacy - Andrew Cheseldine, Lane Clark & Peacock
12.35 pm What is the future for retirement? - Adrian Lamb, Blake Lapthorn
12.45 pm Summing up/panel Q&A
1.00 pm Lunch



Blake Lapthorn
Seacourt Tower
West Way

map link



Wednesday 21 March 2012


9.00 am - 1.00 pm followed by lunch




If you would like further information, please email the events team at or telephone 01865 253268.